July 2014, time for an update

I’ve created this blog in March 2014 with the sole purpose to post my favourite flower photos. But while roaming through my photo folders I’ve found plenty of other pictures I want to share as well.
Frankly I’m too stupid and too lazy to start another blog and also I like my stuff all under one roof and so I decided to expand a little bit. Besides flowers of all kinds and colours you’ll find from now on other “assorted stuff”.  Most pictures were taken around the neighbourhood.

All photos, if not otherwise stated, were taken by me with my little, old compact camera.



16 thoughts on “About

    • Sorry for not replying ealier but I just discovered your comment. WordPress often confuses me 😉
      Thanks for stopping by and thanks for all the likes and for following of course. Love your photos. 🙂

    • Hello Amy, and thanks so much. I love your blog.
      No, unfortunately I haven’t got a garden. But I love flowers so I visit the local flower shops quite often 🙂
      A pitty that none of them offers such lovely little vases. 🙂

      • No gardens?! What about pots? I hope you treat yourself to flowers. I’ve found the small vases in thrift & antique stores. Some I’ve found in glassware intended as shot glasses…you just have to know where to look! Thank you for your amazing compliment. Have a wonderful weekend. ~amy

  1. Your photos of flowers are really beautiful.
    I do not think you need another blog, just create some categories – just a suggestion 🙂

    • Thank you very much. 🙂
      Yeah, I’ve been thinking about sorting the pictures into different categories. I only need to figure out how to create categories. 😉

      • Go to the dashboard and click on the ‘posts’ – under it you will see “all the posts” “add new” etc and then categories. You can add new ones and subcategories, I have added too many and it was too messy so I deleted them and now I am in the process of creating new ones.
        Go also to “Appearance” and then ‘customize” and add the ‘Categories’ widget to your blog wherever you want it -probably side bar. WordPress is really great, it just takes time to discover all its features (btw you can delete this comment later as this is very technical 😉

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